Aquafrisch has a wide range of manufacturing equipment itself that is complemented by the distribution of equipment for railway workshops of European first class manufacturers. Therefore Aquafrisch achieves a complete offer that provides high levels of quality and technological innovation while guaranteeing a highly qualified service in maintainence.

Aquafrish has ISO 9001 certificate and practices a quality protocol that embodies in reliable products that meet customer needs and services with optimal solutions that include consulting, operational and safety reviews, capacity studies, engineering, training and after-sales maintenance.


Aquafrisch designs train wash systems out of modular technology enabling top results in cleaning quality and reducing drastically working times. Modular technology suits metro, tram, light and mainline rail applications including high speed trains.

Cleaning process can be either stationary (train moves through washing station) or mobile (train remains stationary). The equipment cleans lateral sides of the car, skirts, eaves, fronts, rears and roofs.

All wash carriage equipments can be tailored to customers needs and have the option to include osmotic systems which will improve greatly wash quality in areas with low quality waters. At the same time Aquafrisch wash carriage equipments include water recycling systems to make possible reuse of water in first steps of washing process and keep it respectful with environment


Aquafrisch offers different solutions for bogie wash including systems with or without cabin and different degrees of automation. Our washing system includes oscillating piping nozzles for pressurized water spray allowing uniform distribution on all parts of the equipment to be washed.

Our Bogie Wash Plants enable cleaning process with hot water and different pressures, also including water treatment systems so water can be reused. All equipment control system is done through a simple touch screen of graphical control.

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