MECLUBE is a global manufacturer of lubrication equipment. The production scale takes into account all the practical requirements resulting from a modular system of the entire program. They are continuously expanding the MECLUBE product range.

MECLUBE supports its growth dynamics on the qualities existing in the experienced staff. It goes without saying that MECLUBE customers use the qualified know-how of their employees before and after purchase. Research and development at the MECLUBE company ensure that new and innovative product innovations are developed.

Grease supply for central and decentralised areas

MECLUBE grease pump

Lubrication is one of the most important components in mechanical systems. A distinction is made between a grease supply and an oil supply. A lubrication is necessary wherever non-sucking materials rub against each other. One distinguishes between radial and linear friction paths, as well as between open or closed lubrication points.

Lubrication by a liquid oil is only possible in enclosed or encapsulated environments. Lubrication using a grease supply can also be carried out in open systems. Often, it is the railway tracks of machines which are protected against squeaking and abrasion by means of open grease lubrication.

Oil supply for central networks and local work areas

MECLUBE compressed air oil pump

Moving, mechanical components rub against each other. This causes abrasion on the surfaces of the material and heat. In order to keep the resulting wear as low as possible, a suitable lubrication system must be used. In the case of occasional movement, such as doors, flaps or valves, grease lubrication is usually sufficient. This is entered once and refreshed after fixed cycles. Where high rotational speeds ensure correspondingly high friction, oil lubrication is used. A distinction is made between an oil level lubrication system, an oil sump lubrication system and an oil injection lubrication system. They have in common that the lubricant is not refreshed during fixed cycles, but is replaced completely.

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